Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome, about me and what we'll be doing here! hehe

I'm sure you dying to know what this little blog is all about. If the soft purple layout and spreading of the word sissy and blackmail have sparked your interest well stick around, there is a lot more to cum... lol! Of course you wont be! Until i tell you you can cum! You little sissy Miss Calrone is a premier bitch ready to test the limits of you little boys that like to be called "a sissy'.
Here you have to earn that title with me. First off My services are free but DO NOT go unnoticed. Im not asking for money. Just your complete willingness to agree to be blackmailed and sissyfied to the limits that i and you set. If you disobey prepared to be humiliated! You sign yourself in, then just sit back and let the ride begin. You will be given assignments in privacy and carry them out to my pleasing. Some will be short and painful others, long and embarrassing. Your relationship with me will stay fairly private unless you choose to be put on display for everyone. Good Gurls will get free phone chat time with me as i please after they complete their first assignment. Phone calls will be Private and duration of call is up to me. So Hurry up and email me so i can take you deeper into your fetish and turn you into the sissy I know you are. By signing the contract i will give you, it gives me Complete control over you and your rights as sissy. Your ass is Mine. Can you Obey.